2.0 (Robot 2) (2018) Hindi 480p,720p,1080p WEBRip x264 HEVC | Watch Online | Download

2.0 (Robot 2) (2018) Hindi 480p,720p,1080p WEBRip x264 HEVC | Watch Online | Download
2.0 (Robot 2)

2.0 [Robot 2] (2018)

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Initial release: Nov 29, 2018
Director:  S. Shankar
Star:  Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson 
Language :Hindi
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Size : 570MB | 1.2GB | 1.7GB | 8.5GB


2.0 (Robot 2)2.0 (Robot 2)


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8 years after Chitti was dismantled due to destruction he caused. Vaseegaran has created new human robot Nila which can understand human feelings better. The cell phones in the city start to disappear from everywhere. A creature in the form of bird creates havoc in the city causing destruction. Vaseegaran believes it to be the fifth element force and decides to get Chitti back in action. When Vaseegaran traces the location of missing cellphones with help of Chitti and Nila he finds that its not the fifth force but a human force done by late professor Pakshi Rajan.


It’s a sure ENTERTAINER!!!. The 1st half was a little boring, but it really took off from the 2nd part, Akshay Kumar’s performance was amazing. Rajinikanth has just nailed it. He is great as Chitti, It was a little over the top, he could’ve been a little subtle, but nevertheless enjoyable!

VFX was mind-blowing, best in Indian cinema till now! but a little inconsistent in some parts, 3D effects were really good, one of the best 3D experiences.

Everyone should watch this movie atleast for the sheer fun and entertainment it offers throughout the runtime.

Another thing is that some people are criticizing it for the movie being illogical, but trust me, I’m doing my computer science engineering, and the logic was good enough to take in. But, I watched the movie not for it’s science, but for grandeur and fun the movie offers! Conclusion: S.Shankar is really creative with the VFX and offers some interesting visual treats! But only if he could’ve been a little more creative with the story, it could be the best movie of Indian cinema. At the end, it’s a must watch. You wouldn’t want to miss the fun.

I guess this review encompasses most of the audience’s thoughts!


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